The home screen offers both search and browse functionality, as well as navigation to the rest of the site (Figure 1).

Figure 1. ClipShare home

To search from this page:

  1. Enter your search term (1a)
  2. Optionally,
    • limit your search to a single publication medium (1b)
    • deselect to search across the full date range (1c)
  3. Select 'Search' (1d) ➤ Search results

To browse from this page, either:

  • Select an image from one of today's titles (1e) ➤ Browse print
  • OR

  • Select 'Browse all titles' (1f) ➤ Browse

Note that if you are a 1st Editions Exchange user, today's titles will be the available 1st Editions rather than a wider selection of titles ➤ Browse 1st EditionsThis can be changed in your Profile ➤ Profile.

To access other functions, use the navigation bar to access (1g).

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