NLA eClips is a database of newspaper and magazine articles which brings press clippings into the digital age.


Developed by the NLA media access in 2006 the service delivers a central database of digital clippings to users via their media monitoring agencies.

eClips provides media monitoring agencies and their clients with direct electronic access to original quality clippings from over 1,000 national, regional, and trade press publications.


There are a number of services available in the eClips database product suite

1. eClips

eClips provides access to article level clippings from over 180 titles including trade magazines, major foreign newspapers, key UK regionals and all UK nationals including The Times and The Sun.

2. eClips - Full Page

In addition to the article level clippings available in eClips, page level PDFs are available through the eClips - Full Page service for a further 850 regional newspapers.


3. eClips - Web

eClips - Web provides links and archived access to articles from over 160 UK regionals and all UL national newspaper websites including paywall sites such as The Times, The Sun and Economist.


4. eClips - Ireland

eClips - Ireland is an alternative service for Irish media monitoring agencies which provides access to articles from 11 Irish newspapers and Irish editions of UK national newspapers.


5. eClips - International (IMMO)

eClips - International service is primarily designed for International media monitoring agencies and provides access to 25 key UK regional newspapers and UK national newspapers.


Please contact the NLA media access Client Services team for more information on 0207 332 9380 or email