NLA’s AIM evaluation tool, now available directly to PR agencies. 

Newspaper page view data available for first time

NLA Media Access has today announced the sale of the first licence for its new PR evaluation product, NLA Article Impact Measurement (AIM). The PR agency in question is major international communications agency Golin.

Launched at a recent roundtable hosted at NewsUK, AIM is unique in bringing together precise internet page view data directly from the newspaper publisher’s site analytics platforms, combining this with social media statistics into a single tool for the measurement of PR impact.  

In an industry first, from today research and analytics staff at Golin will use AIM to gather vital intelligence from all 10 national newspaper publisher websites currently covered by the tool, on client coverage.

David Pugh, Managing Director of NLA Media Access said:

“We are delighted to be supplying AIM to an agency as well known as Golin. Coverage in UK newspapers remains critical to PR success and we know it is highly valued by agencies and their clients. This deal is proof of the value AIM can deliver to PR agencies in planning and evaluating their work.”

Daniel Stauber, Director Research & Analytics, from Golin said:

“AIM provides our clients with more accurate data on the visibility of coverage in national newspapers online. The unprecedented levels of intelligence on the exposure of online articles is a great tool for helping to devise successful media strategies”.

For more information, please contact: Bob Johns – 0207 332 9350


NLA ClipShare update

NLA media access finished a busy July by launching an upgraded version of ClipShare, our news archive for journalists and librarians – available at

This upgrade included new content (from 17 newspaper websites), new features (dynamic search filtering, today’s front pages on the home screen, grouped versions of articles, and the Reading List), and new design (a complete visual overhaul with simpler navigation).

Usage of ClipShare has grown over the period since the launch, with over 2000 active users in August alone. That’s 11% more than in July, and 13% more than in August 2014.

The number of archive articles accessed through ClipShare also grew to a massive 55,000, a 45% increase over July and a 30% increase over August 2014.

In response to the positive developments and the increased usage, we have received numerous messages and verbal reports from users indicating that the site is now faster, easier to use, and more visually appealing than ever.

However, we are aware that there were some bugs in the version of ClipShare that we launched with. We know that a couple of these caused significant inconvenience to the users who contacted us, and likely impacted others as well. For not detecting these bugs earlier, and for the delays in addressing them, we apologise.

We have released a new version of ClipShare today which addresses several of these bugs as well as other small changes that were needed. The major issues fixed are as follows:

  • A cookie conflict, which has caused some users to be unable to log in or to be recurrently logged out of the site
  • A drop-down box failure in the PDF viewer, which prevented users from viewing regional and later editions of print content
  • Incorrect delivery of saved search alert emails
  • Backwards compatibility with OS X Leopard  for 1st Editions and Browse features

There are a few outstanding bugs for which we have implemented fixes but are continuing to monitor, as we have not yet gathered enough information to be able to confirm that the issues are fixed. These are:

  • Intermittent errors in the Browse functionality
  • A ‘PDF is null’ error on opening the PDF viewer

If users are still experiencing either of these issues, we urge them to contact with details of the date and time they experienced the issue, the URL they were attempting to reach, and their user details.

We hope that the ClipShare user experience will be much smoother following this updated version, but it doesn’t end there. Over the coming months, we intend to continue improving the site with some additional features that have been requested by users.

Our goal is always to ensure that all ClipShare users get the best possible experience with the site. Many thanks to all the users who provided feedback throughout the development and launch process for helping us work towards this goal. 


Reuters and NLA partner to provide seamless PR rights


A one stop shop is probably never going to emerge for content rights, but NLA is working hard to simplify licensing for UK media monitoring agencies and users by getting more content in one place and covered by one licence. In the last two years this approach has served us well. We have recruited over 200 magazine publishers, added most of the few UK newspapers we hadn’t already recruited, and significantly expanded our international coverage, adding digital rights for Spain, Switzerland, Russia and other countries.

In continued recognition of the broadening appeal of our licensing, we can also now add to that list  global news organisation Reuters. In what we hope will be the first of many digital content brands to sign agreements with the NLA, from December 1st copies of content published by Reuters and widely used by many MMOs and end users in the UK will be covered by the relevant licences. Reuters is one of the biggest brands in media, and NLA are very pleased to be working with them to streamline the rights clearance for providers and users of media monitoring services.

This new agreement is, in our view, the beginning of continued growth for the NLA. We see significant need and opportunity in international coverage, and in the diversity of new media. Born digital, broadcast and overseas material and rights are all potential additions to the umbrella. Ensuring the proposition works for users and publishers so the industry can expand its horizons without running into copyright issues is what we do. We call ourselves NLA media access and – while newspapers remain at the core of our content coverage – the Reuters agreement shows we now have a broader view of where we sit in the media landscape.



A message to all NLA media access stakeholders from Managing Director, David Pugh

I have announced today to NLA staff that I have decided to retire from my role as Managing Director and will be leaving the company in the spring of 2016.

NLA media access is a great business, with a highly talented management team and dedicated staff, which has evolved rapidly in the last 8 years. The company has achieved its core mission of supporting journalism, by increasing the revenues paid to publishers every year - doubling them since 2007 – and through developing innovative licensing and database services for our media monitoring clients.

I have decided that 2016 will be a good time for me to retire, which I do with a great sense of pride in the business and the people who drive it forward, knowing that NLA media access has a clear strategy and is in great shape to grow and meet the challenges of the future.

A search for my successor is now in progress and I expect that an appointment will be made later this year or early in 2016.


NLA media access re-launches ClipShare for UK journalists

NLA explained on this blog in 2014 how ClipShare is a vital resource for publishers and journalists and outlined our plans to revamp the service for our (7,000 and growing) users. As a first step, we improved the search engine later that year, allowing users to poll results from over 45 million articles in sub-second times.

For those unfamiliar with ClipShare, it is a unique and invaluable desktop research tool for newspaper journalists and librarians. Simply add the relevant details for the search you are looking for – subject, keyword, a specific publication, a date range –  and all the stories that are found will be listed for you. The articles are made available as text or PDF, so that you view them in context.

There are other tools in the market that enable you to make historical and current searches of newspapers but none of these give you the added value of seeing the context of the articles in the same way as a ClipShare-generated PDF.

Now ClipShare has had a major facelift – an all new design. As well as being able to access the 10-year print archive of newspaper content, new benefits include:

-    Searchable web content dating back to 2010
-    Easier searching functionality
-    Cleaner search results
-    Reading list feature

Today’s launch follows a successful beta period whereby a select number of journalists at the national newspaper groups were approached to exhaustively test and provide feedback. Users predominantly described the upgraded site as “useful”, “professional”, and “modern”, and described the upgraded search functionality as “quicker”, “more flexible” and “more precise”.

We’d love to hear feedback from our other users now that we are live – see  

Watch our tutorial videos below or on YouTube

We welcome new users as long as you work for a subscribing publisher. Email the team to find out more at If you are a journalist who would like to explore the NLA media access database, but doesn’t work for a subscribing publisher, you can use our public-access portal –