Greek Alliance - NLA and OSDEL join forces

NLA has concluded an agreement with Greek licensing body OSDEL which will allow OSDEL to include UK newspaper content in its current and future licences, including planned media monitoring agreements. The agreement takes effect in February 2017 and covers over 2,300 UK newspapers, websites and magazines.

George-Andrew Zannos, General Manager, OSDEL said “We welcome this endorsement of our drive to create a central clearing house for Greek business  to access and re-use news content legally. NLA represents some of the biggest brands in UK and  international news and these will add significant value to OSDEL services”.

Andrew Hughes, NLA International Director said “This is a further step forwards in our program to simplify UK content rights administration for corporate users and media monitoring organisations outside the UK. Greek MMOs and their clients will now have seamless access to powerful UK newspaper content set within the OSDEL licences. It is also a vote of confidence in OSDEL’s 2017 licensing plans”.


Past, Present and Future

Regular readers of this blog will know that 2016 marked the twentieth year of NLA media access.  We didn’t make a great deal of the anniversary, however along with the turn of the year, we did reflect on time gone by and how the industry continues to evolve.

Most importantly, if 2016 taught us anything, it was that news – proper news, written or presented by professionals – has an irreplaceable value. And since our organisation is founded on exactly that proposition, it was good to hear so many others say the same.

That is not to denigrate the extraordinary contribution that user-generated content – or citizen journalism, call it what you will – can make to news. Digital devices and fast broadband make reporters of us all. But the controversy over fake news is a reminder that the costly process of editing and checking is worth paying for.

Money matters more than ever in journalism, and we try to help. In 2016 the NLA returned another record year of revenue to publishers from our licensing operations and database services; taking our cumulative contribution over two decades to £340m.  Annually, this contribution to publishers is the equivalent to the cost of employing 1,500 journalists.

2016 saw other trends which will continue into 2017. There was a steady drumbeat of international partnerships in the year – France, Sweden, Austria and others; we continue to expand and improve our eClips and ClipShare services; and we added significantly to our repertoire of content, growing our database to an impressive 95 million articles.

Social responsibility matters to us as well: our £100k donation in 2016 took our support for the Journalism Diversity Fund past the £1 million mark since we started in 2005.

In the year ahead we will continue to innovate, improve services to MMOs, PR agencies and our other commercial partners, whilst upholding the NLA’s core purpose: supporting journalism, a cause that matters more than ever.


More international progress for NLA media access as German agreement signed

NLA media access has significantly extended its agreement with German publisher-owned media service PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH. For the first time German media monitoring organisations and their clients will be able to receive, scan and deliver UK print and web content under their agreements with PMG. NLA and PMG expect this simplification of licensing agreements will benefit users and increase revenue to rights holders.

Prior to the new agreement, which starts in January 2017, NLA offered direct licences to German MMOs. NLA also supplied UK newspaper text to PMG. Now MMOs can get the content and rights from PMG, PMG users can receive content in rich PDF format, and web scraping can be licensed. PMG can also incorporate NLA material in its media evaluation services. The current NLA offering remains in place so German MMOs can choose what best suits their clients.

NLA hopes to extend its direct licensing of German language content for UK users: Süddeutsche Zeitung and Neue Zürcher Zeitung have completed agreements with NLA and other agreements are under development.
Dr Oliver Grassy, MD, PMG said: “We welcome the addition of valuable UK content to our MMO and direct services. PMG is committed to working with the MMO market to create simple solutions for users.”

Andrew Hughes, International Director, NLA media access said: “Germany should be the biggest overseas market for UK content in Europe. Extending our partnership with PMG is the best way to simplify the often complex rules for accessing international content. We know that simplicity is crucial to encourage use, and – following similar agreements in France, Spain and elsewhere - this agreement is a big step forward.”


Huffington Post the first major news brand to sign up with NLA media access in 2017

NLA is delighted to announce that from 1st January 2017 Media Monitoring Organisations (MMOs) and UK businesses with an NLA licence will be covered to copy from leading websites and
The Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news, video, features, and entertainment, as well as a highly engaged global community for opinion and conversation. The UK edition averages 12 million unique visitors per month (comScore).

Engadget is a leading consumer technology publication. Its web, mobile, and Flipboard presence has grown to reach over 27 million unique visitors per month (comScore). Engadget is also the official partner of the Best of CES Awards and has been the Official Online News Source for the world's largest tradeshow for consumer electronics since 2009.

This completes a year in which the NLA has added, Press Association, Newsweek and others to its portfolio of the most important news sources from newspapers, magazines, newswires and websites. It is now easier than ever for MMOs and licensed organisations to access content legally, while reimbursing publishers for use of their content.


Luxembourg the latest nation to sign licensing terms with NLA media access

NLA media access is pleased to announce that it has reached a new partnership agreement with the Luxembourg licensing body LUXORR ( The agreement will allow LUXORR to license local media monitoring businesses and users - including major European institutions - to copy UK newspaper and news website content, including Guardian, Economist, Telegraph, Times and other titles. Luxembourg has long been an important territory for multinational businesses and organisations - these will now be able to cover valuable UK content simply and easily through their LUXORR licence.

NLA’s international director, Andrew Hughes, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to reach this new agreement with LUXORR. With the conclusion of similar negotiations with licensing bodies in Portugal, Spain and Austria over the last six months, the NLA’s drive to make it even simpler for business users to access and re-use international news content legally continues apace”.

By making it even simpler for business users to access and re-use international news content legally, the NLA creates simple user solutions. Revenue generated through licensing goes directly to publishers to support high quality journalism.

In addition to rights exchange agreements, NLA also directly licenses over 2,000 international businesses through its IMMO programme. You can find out more about IMMO here.

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