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NLA media access 2018 Annual Report

After another year continuing to focus on NLA’s mission of supporting journalism, today we have published our 2018 Annual Report.

We are delighted to have achieved our 21st consecutive year of revenue growth, which is particularly relevant given the continued challenges the news media industry faced in 2017.  With 84% of NLA revenue generated being returned to publishers, we take great pride in doing our bit to support them through these times of change.

There have been many highlights over the past year, and to briefly name a few; NLA successfully launched eClips Web Specialist, a new content delivery system for users of media monitoring services which provides access to important specialist content from behind publisher paywalls.  Furthermore, our valued client base also surpassed 10,000 licensees for the first time, and we provided high quality, valued content to a greater number of media monitoring companies than ever before.

Alongside NLA’s focus on innovation for our stakeholders, we continued to support important causes such as the Journalism Diversity Fund. The JDF awards bursaries to would-be journalists wanting to train and work in the profession.  These bursaries are awarded to people from diverse backgrounds, be it socially, economically or ethnically, with one of the aims being that our newsrooms around the UK better represent their communities. Our latest donation of £100,000 brought NLA’s total contribution to the fund to over £1.2 million.

Already well in to our new financial year, our mission to support journalism through improving existing operations and exploring new opportunities has never been stronger.

For the full report click here.