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NLA media access hosts PDLN international licensing conference

Delegates from over 20 countries gathered in London earlier this month at the Press Database Licensing Network (PDLN) annual conference. The conference (hosted by NLA) aims to help publishers, licensing organisations and media monitoring companies produce better international content for business. PDLN now has 26 members in 20 countries worldwide, and the admission of The New York Times as its first publisher member was notable. The event was a success, bringing in 68 attendees from across the globe with especially strong US representation from The New York Times, Burrelles Luce, Associated Press, Tribune, and CCC(Copyright Clearance Center). The conference also saw members from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Korea. 

A dinner at Stationers Hall was a highlight for many, but sharing experiences and ideas was at the heart of the event. Speakers included:

Alice Ting, Head of Syndication and Brand Licensing at New York Times

Bénédicte Autret, Head of Strategic Relations UK and Benelux at Google

Johna Burke, President of FIBEP (also Burrelles Luce)

Caroline Morgan, Secretary General at International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO)

Elenora Rosati, Legal Expert at Southampton University

Carlos Amaral, CEO of Priberum and contributor to the EU SUMMA Project

NLA thanks everyone who attended. More detail on the event is available here and photographs can be viewed here.