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NLA vs Meltwater: CJEU issue ‘temporary copying’ decision

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) today announced its opinion on the “temporary copying” exception in UK copyright law.

As we explained previously on this blog all other issues decided in the NLA’s favour remain unaffected.  The result of the case has no implications for the licences NLA media access issues for the present web-monitoring services operated by Meltwater and other media monitoring agencies; although it may in time lead service providers to create new services which would operate under a different licensing regime.

The net economic effect of this judgment for newspaper and magazine publishers should be neutral: end user clients who pay for their current monitoring service still require a licence for the content they receive.  

We are pleased that throughout these court cases, which began in the High Court in 2010, the principle that publishers should be fairly remunerated for use of their copyrighted content has been upheld.

The court cases have been critical in confirming copyright principles. Now that these principles have been established NLA will continue to work closely with Meltwater to supply them and their clients with appropriate licences for their use of publisher content.  Negotiated commercial solutions which recognise and meet the needs of all parties are the way forward.

David Pugh

Managing Director, NLA media access


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