NLA Adds Swedish Content to Licences

NLA are pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access allowing UK users to copy many Swedish newspapers. The agreement will also allow Bonus Copyright Access  to license copying of UK content in Sweden. The agreement includes both digital and paper rights but does not at this stage cover media monitoring service suppliers.

The agreement reflects NLA’s ambition to make it simpler for UK users to use international news content. NLA has concluded similar agreements with Irish, French, Spanish, Australian and Russian licensing bodies, as well as direct publisher agreements with leading global newspapers. NLA expects to expand this coverage further in the coming months.    


Over 100 PR agencies choose the simplified PR licence

 In November 2015, NLA introduced a simplified copyright licence for PR agencies supplying news clips to clients.  The licence was a result of work with Coast Communications and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

The CIPR challenged NLA to deliver a simplified and cost effective licence for PR agencies that would ease the burden on agencies and be a step forward in the fight against copyright complexity

 What’s the feedback so far?  Well, in just over two months, 100 agencies have subscribed to the new licence (that’s 43% of all licensed agencies*). It’s an early but very positive indicator of the attractiveness of the licence and its suitability for the market.  All clients have been pleasantly surprised by; (1) the simplified administration, (2) the cost certainty for themselves and their clients and (3) what’s more, for 8 out of 10 clients, the new licence is proving more cost effective. See below for some verbatim customer comments.

*Mid November 2015-January 2016

By working with the PR industry NLA is proving it can deliver a system that not only acknowledges its requirements but also reflects how the current market is delivering and consuming news.


NLA ClipShare Update

Last July, NLA media access launched an upgrade to ClipShare, the editorial database for newspaper journalists, with exciting new features including web content, a more dynamic search function, and a fresh design. For more detail on the changes that took place, please take look at our website

Since then, the NLA ClipShare team has been busy listening to users who have provided valuable feedback on the new ClipShare. As a result, we can announce the development of several further improvements including:

•    Users can now see their search terms highlighted within the article they are viewing
•    Making it easier for users to run searches across all national newspaper titles, without needing to click on each one individually
•    Making it easier for users to move between pages of results using the page numbers at the bottom of the search results page
•    For those users who have access to first editions, we have made it clearer which publication date is being viewed on the first editions home page
•    When viewing search results, it is now clearer which articles and pages appeared in which edition of the paper
These changes were prioritised thanks to dialogue with our users, who rely on the database to search through news content daily.

We will continue to improve ClipShare in future, working hard to make it as easy to use and intuitive as possible. In the meantime, if you experience any hitches please take a look at the ClipShare user guide for helpful tips and guidance. Alternatively, you can always contact us by email or tweet us at @NLA_Ltd


NLA extends long term partnership with Ninestars

NLA media access is pleased to announce that a new three year contract has been agreed with Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd, extending our near ten-year partnership.  

Having undertaken an assessment of alternative outsourced production facilities, we have decided to renew the relationship with our current provider. Ninestars continue to demonstrate the clear understanding and importance of high quality press clippings, and the speed in which they need to be processed, in order to aid the NLA in supplying the UK and international media monitoring market through our eClips service.

As we enter February 2016, Ninestars currently clip around 200,000 PDF pages per month (supplied direct from publisher content management systems) for the NLA, to varying processing deadlines. The searchable press clippings generated from publisher PDFs are accessible to around half a million working professionals every day.

With such reliance on the NLA’s eClips technology comes the need for effective disaster recovery. eClips content is generated across three sites in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India:

-       Chennai

-       Pondicherry

-       Tirupati

With production spread across three sites, supported by staff 24/7, this arrangement means that the Ninestars team are able to divert content from one facility to another should there ever be a need.

The presence of a Ninestars facility in Pondicherry is particularly key for the NLA to support its growing partnership with the French reproduction rights organisation - Centre Français d'exploitation de droit de Copie (CFC). Since 2012 the NLA has (via Ninestars) processed French newspaper and magazine content for the french media monitoring market.

Working alongside Ninestars we expect another successful three years and see both continued growth in our eClips database and client satisfaction in early and high quality press coverage.

The NLA's eClips team processing content at the Chennai facility.


Eashwar, Vice President of Operations, proudly displaying photos of the changing NLA eClips teams across the 10 year partnership

The newest Ninestars production facility, at Tirupati


Entente Cordiale – UK and French content exchange simplifies access to international content 

NLA media access and the Centre Français d’Exploitation du droit de Copies - CFC – have completed an agreement allowing them to license their respective publisher repertoire to media monitoring organisations - MMOs -  and business users in both countries. As a result, Les Echos, Le Monde, Figaro and other leading French titles can now be delivered as part of UK digital press cuttings services, and major UK titles like the Telegraph, Guardian and Independent can be delivered through licensed French MMOs.

NLA and CFC have also made access available to newspaper and magazine content through the eClips and CFC distre-presse databases to users in UK and France, and will co-operate in offering French and UK content to media monitoring companies in other territories. This additional content will be automatically included in current CFC and NLA end user licenses at local prices, so no additional agreement is required by users or MMOs. The agreement also replaces the special licences needed by French media monitoring suppliers and users accessing NLAs eClips service.  

NLA and CFC have come together in response to user requests to make it easier to use international content. Both are members of international organisations PDLN and IFRRO, who have provided model contracts to assist in reaching the new agreement. 

NLA media access international director Andrew Hughes said: “CFC are close and valued partners. Like NLA, they have created a comprehensive licensing structure for French agencies and clients which both respects publishers’ rights and supports legal use of high quality press material by agencies and their clients. We also co-operate on technical services. NLA is pleased to extend and support this alliance. We know UK agencies and users will welcome rights to use French content.”

Philippe Masseron, CFC’s General Manager, said: “We welcome the opportunity to offer seamless access to English language content to the French market and to have NLA media access act for us in the UK. Working together we can create better solutions for users and publishers. Working through PDLN and IFRRO we hope to extend these agreements to users in other countries. We aim to show that voluntary licensing is the best way to address market needs.”


CFC is the French Reproduction Rights Organisation representing rightsholder of books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. For more than 12 years, CFC has been developing voluntary licensing schemes to permit digital uses of protected works in the business sector and particularly for the media monitoring organisations. CFC thus collects in field over 18M€ per year on behalf of press publishers and journalists. 

Contact: Andrew Hughes International Director NLA - 020 7332 9359

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