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Six months after its launch, over 96% of PR agencies have selected the NLA’s new PR Client Service Licence

In November 2015, NLA added a flat fee PR Client Service Licence to its range of licences for PR agencies.

The new licence is an efficient and economical means of securing advanced copyright permission for PR agencies and their clients’ use.  

The licence was developed by the NLA with advice from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Coast Communications. It was a direct response to clients’ requests and provides budget certainty and simplicity for agencies.

In return for a flat fee of £197.00 per client user, the PR agency is granted rights to supply articles from the entire NLA repertoire, in whatever format the client requires it to be delivered.

•    In April and May 2016, 96% of PR agencies that renewed their licence opted for the new
•    For eight out of ten clients, the new licence is proving more comprehensive and cost effective than their old licence.
•    50% of smaller PR agencies (five or fewer staff) do not require any other form of copyright licence, keeping administration and cost to a minimum.
•    Since its launch over 420 NLA clients have chosen the licence – that’s 71% of all licensed agencies.*

You’ll find a selection of customer comments in the supporting notes.

*During the period November 2015-May 2016 607 PR agencies have renewed their NLA licence of which 429 (71%) have chosen the PR Client Service licence.

Supporting Notes - NLA client comments:
Very happy with the new licence – finally NLA is more straightforward.
Simplifies licensing.
Provides cost certainty.
Administratively it will save time for all parties.
From a compliance viewpoint, the new licence is not as restrictive as the current PR Licence and will encourage clients to access more content from a greater range of publications.

On the licence renewal process:
Oh groan. Is it that time of the year again already?
Oh wow! The £197.00 flat rate per client sounds fab. Makes my life so much simpler.
Thanks so much – never has an NLA renewal been so easy.