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Friday, June 3, 2016 at 11:50
eClips Team

In 2006, The Economist Group made the decision to switch from the Copyright Licensing Agency to NLA media access. They were attracted by NLA’s focus on licensing of the media monitoring sector and its corporate clients.

Joanna Alexandre, Syndication and Licensing Director at The Economist said: “The NLA is a publisher owned business with a great track record of delivering growth for its members. It has particular strength in the media monitoring market where The Economist content is actively copied by businesses, both in the UK and worldwide. This business model is very effective; if The Economist’s content is clipped and supplied to an organisation by a media monitoring organisation (MMO), NLA is advised and licenses the MMO and client supplied accordingly. This means that our share of royalties reflects the actual usage of our content. Our decision to switch to NLA in 2006 remains a good one to this day’.

The NLA has grown the revenues paid to The Economist steadily over the last 10 years, with over a  20% increase in the last 3 years’

NLA remains steadfast in its commitment to providing efficient and effective licensing and database solutions. These services support publishers in providing access to their content. The Economist is one of 256 publishers signed up with NLA.

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