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NLA celebrates World Intellectual Property Day 2016

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, an annual event aimed at raising awareness of the issues surrounding IP. This year WIPO looks at how culture is created, accessed and financed and how a balanced and flexible intellectual property system helps ensure that those working in the creative sector, are properly paid for their work, so they can keep creating.

NLA media access is constantly working hard to protect publishers’ IP, so we can grow the royalties we return to publishers and support journalism. One such example of how we do this is our Online Article Tracking Services. (OATS).
In the modern world, as publishers’ content is increasingly digitised, OATS plays a vital role in helping us protect publishers IP. OATS identifies and manages the removal of infringing content republished on commercial and non-commercial sites. Once identified through OATS, we educate infringing domain owners on what can or cannot be copied. We also help infringing domains to seek the relevant permissions and give advice as to how to correctly credit the copyright owner.

In 2015, NLA media access contacted over 750 domains leading to the removal of infringing content from 86% of them. Although there is always more to do, we are proud that we are helping to raise awareness of copyright and IP.

You can learn more about our OATS service here and find out what others are doing to celebrate World IP Day using #WorldIPDay.