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Independent & Evening Standard - eClips Web feeds 

Due to unforeseen issues with the publisher's content management system, the NLA are experiencing difficulties in supplying a full and regular feed of eClips Web content for the and

The issue is known to the publisher and being actively worked on by their developers. We will post an update when we have further news on a fix.

Apologies for the inconvinience caused.

For further details or queries, please email


NLA media access


eClips Web XML & API Specification updated

The eCW XML & API specification has been updated and can be accessed here.



Updated Publisher Profiles

Two exceptions have been added to the the Live Publisher Profiles. Please see brief detail below:


1)      General – Often, image galleries are not sent by the publishers.

2) – “Fabulous” content is currently not being sent by the publisher.


NLA Service Incident - Announcement: eClips Web Publisher Supply failure [CLOSED]


An eClips Web incident was declared today at 11:30.


Incident Description: supply has failed due to a technical issue at the publisher. At the time the incident was declared the issue has been active for approximately 8 hours. This issue has been escalated to the Publisher.



The remote FTP host from which we pull content is unavailable. 


Expected Resolution Time:


The resolution time is unknown at this time.


Next Update: 

Please expect an update by 13:00. 



Updated Publisher Profiles

The Live Publisher Profiles have been updated. Please see brief detail below.


Two exceptions were added to the exceptions list:


1) – Occasionally images are not sent by the publisher

2) – Occasionally captions and credits are not sent by the publisher


Eight exceptions have been removed from the exceptions list:


1) – On rare occasions there may be a subhead missing

2) – Occasionally Publisher sends additional relevant images

3) – On rare occasions Publisher sends extra related images

4) – On very rare occasions Publisher sends extra unrelated images

5) – On rare occasions publisher sends extra related images

6) – On rare occasions Publisher sends extra related images

7) – Video placeholder may occasionally interrupt flow in body of article

8) – Fashion articles not provided by the publisher