The NLA are pleased to introduce the ClipShare Mobile app. We hope it proves a useful complement to the web-version of ClipShare and empowers you to better work on the go. 

We would welcome your feedback, so do have a look around and let us know if there’s anything that didn’t work or just didn’t do what you expected it to. Click the "Provide Feedback" button above to get in touch. 

To start, get out your mobile device and open the following address:

Now, simply log in using your exsiting ClipShare credentials.

The NLA ClipShare Mobile app is a mobile-device optimised treatment of ClipShare website's core functionality, namely the enormously popular ClipShare Search and page-turner functionality.

The app has been designed for Apple's iOS and you will get the optimal user experience by using a apple device. The app works with Android but we cannot make any express warranties that all functional areas will work as expected. To this end we recomend Apple's iPhone or iPad using the default iOS web-browser.

iPhone & iPad User Tip

Select the “add to home screen” option in your browser menu when you get to the login page so it appears on your home-screen(s) like other apps. The interface itself is intuitive, so we won’t patronise you with how it works.