NLA Article Impact Measurement 

The AIM (Article Reach and Impact Measurement) service will provide additional metadata for web clippings on the potential reach and impact of a brand mention.

Various measures including the unique daily page view count from publishers, monthly browsers, daily republishing and hourly Tweets and Retweets will help brand owners respond appropriately to brand mentions and demonstrate ROI from their PR activity. 

Media monitoring agencies will be able to seamlessly integrate this valuable data into eClips Web clippings delivered to their clients and share valuable insights through media evaluation services.

For more information about the AIM service, please see the below documentation.

- AIM Technical Specification

- AIM FAQs for PR companies

- AIM FAQs fror Media Evaluation companies

- AIM FAQs for eClips Web

- AIM Licence Fee Tariff

- Payload samples: XML and CSV

- Article clipping samples:,, and